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    Need Cho'gall? post here!

    The Cho'Gall virus is being spread at a rapid rate, and it's amazing! If you want to catch the Cho, add me and wisper Woomiester#1216 let me know you're from Fever!
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    LF Players to grind HL currently R24 :c

    tips - just keep chugging along. If anything, playing with lower lvls will help YOU get better. you'll have better eyes on the map, better playing suggestions, better play caller/shot caller. Rank may not show it right away, but soon enough you'll find yourself flying up the ladder! you got this! :D
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    BlizzCon brackets Link to the BlizzCon tourny brackets. HOTS kicks off the 10 day event TODAY! with the rest of the matches taking place next Friday and Saturday. Enjoy everyone :D
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    Hook is just too op

    stitches want to play
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    Blizzcon HOTS questions I will ask if you give me your questions

    Will we be seeing more specialty events like "Eternal conflict" where we get new maps/heroes surrounding a certain game?
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    Artanis available on the 20th for those who Pre-order LOTV

    Well this exciting for every part of me other than my wallet
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    Lt. Morales Spotlight

    Looks like an awesome/fun support that could add some great variety to team comps. Blizz has done a great job at translating a character from a specific game to a character for heroes of the storm
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    Hero League and picking (Total Opinion)

    I don't disagree that LiLi is, at best, the 4th best healer in the game; however, if you are inexperienced in the role of support (and no one on the team is being flexible) she isn't a bad pick. Also, it going to point numero dos, if you need support, have malf and LiLi, but are better on LiLi...
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    Create a new hero.

    Kid Link (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - Specialist Trait: Navi - provide vision (similar to Tassadar's trait) Q - Hiyah! - Spin attack that charges - longer the charge larger the damage radius W - Boomerang - Throws a boomerang in a straight line E - bomb bomb - Lifts a bomb above...
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    Battle of the Universes tournament sign-up and info

    I think this is an awesome idea, but i don't have the time in the middle of the week to get involved :( i hope you get more people to sign up. if only they had a three team maps and you could have a 1v1v1 free-for-all. lol
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    Next hero after Rexxar?

    I get that Warcraft has such a huge universe, but I would love to see some other heroes outside of that world. The "eternal conflict" was a bit underwhelming, imo. Maps were nice, but the hero releases were...meh. let's get a Deckard Cain Hero!
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    PAX Prime this weekend!

    well....anyone think these past two days settles the argument, NA, EU, or AU? and at least puts NA over EU?
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    PAX Prime this weekend!

    a little heads up, PAX prime is this weekend with HOTS taking place Friday and Saturday. Follow the link to see the teams and info (also some SC2 stuff there). The MSI MGA Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II grand finals are kicking off at PAX Prime soon! | ESLGaming First INTERNATIONAL...
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    Is the monk going to have a high place in the meta?

    I've seen him play as an effective secondary support. He's got a lot of versatility since he can dmg spec (and still heal) or heal spec. and, if you combine his heal ult with something like reghar's makes a hero virtually unkillable. So, to answer your question, I don't see him acting...
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    not too sure if more rumor than anything, but I've been seeing a Sept. 23 date for Beta