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    Finally did it

    Yeah I am SO glad I got legend before the zoolock meta hit the game.
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    Finally did it

    Yesterday I reached the legend rank for the first time with odd paladin, yay!
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    Stuck trying to get legend, looking for coach

    So here is the situation: This season the highest I've done is rank 1 2 stars with Odd Paladin. Now, I've dropped down to rank 2 3 stars because I faced nothing but hard counter decks like Taunt warrior, Even Warlock x3 I don't think that Odd Paly will be reliable enough to get me legend...
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    Golden Heroes

    I have Warlock and Warrior, paly is at 300 or so.
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    Has anyone heard from Chaosknighti?

    Hey, does anyone happen to Chaosknighti? I enjoyed being with that guy long ago. I wondered if he still plays hearthstone. If he does does anyone have him on their friends list?
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    I'm back.

    Hello Everyone, I am back from a long inactivity, I am here to start being active again. -Thaum
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    patch is Live!

    Vicious Fledgling has been removed from arena Synergy picks have been removed from arena PS: Finish your arenas, a new format is coming soon! You can now obtain Nemesy, a Warlock hero skin by visiting a established fireside gathering. Many interactions have been removed Evolve...
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    Hearthstone BM

    I only BM to those who BM'ed me or I need to play extra stuff for xp or quest requirements
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    Hearthstone BM

    I squelch every opponent I play against. Why can't they just implement a disable emotes feature?
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    Frozen Throne - Icecrown challenge

    Done mine :)
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    Free Future Campaigns?

    I wish the lich king gave you a DeathKnight and not a pack D: At least Arthas was a good reward!
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    KFT Reveal Stream - 28th July 2017, 11am PDT

    NeverBrode RIP 4Head Emote Hopefully warlock gets a good hero
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    In-game names!

    I still play Thaumius#14401 NA huge collection
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    Hearthstone Fever Clan Update - July 2017

    Sounds good! I am looking forward to meeting new people and practicing against them!