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  • Happy birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    people need to post on your fever wall more
    I figured out the name of your private channel you should

    The TEEZing Den :p
    Wow, the eye in Heroic is pretty damn weak as well...
    Hello, nice to meet you too :)
    There isn't any type of a character I like to play, I just pick something that will be needed in game. But yeah the types are mostly the same as in other MOBAs.
    I think I started playing around 2014 but I had some moments when I didn't play it for months, then just come back and play it every day. :)
    The think that mostly interests me in Dota is that almost anything can work.
    sounds you caught those Canadian death bugs,

    I heard maple syrup cures it
    Get better! Your students miss you!
    i was in WoD retri paladin and a prot paladin im more intrested in PvE then PvP, but at the moment i do not play in Legion if i can get the time and money for it i will contact you again mate :)
    Hey Teeze,

    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    So far I enjoy Fever a lot. Had some nice games today.

    It's a pity that you don't play shooter but I get that. My girlfriend also gets motion sickness in those games ;)
    Just started playing Overwatch two weeks ago. So far I think I enjoy the tank class the most. The big monkey and D. Va especially.

    What are the games you are playing?

    Hope to talk to you soon
    the grind is realll, blizz just needs to drop thst Legendary in my inventory already
    Hey! Thanks for the welcome :)
    I main a Prot Paladin and have since LK, and I would have to say PVE but I love PvP too. I'd love to be a hardcore raider but I've never gotten to do it before because I've never had a guild that was gud :p I did end up in the top 8 for first wing in LK on my server so I was pleased with that but that guild fell apart when the officers started complaining to the GM constantly... sad times :( anyway rambling, my current plans are to catch up to level 110 as soon as my wife gets back at the end of the week (i level with her she's a holy priest and i don't want to get ahead) so I'm leveling my Druid atm. I'm really really enjoying the expansion but admitedly questing is still questing no matter how much better they make it... lol.
    Thanks so much and see you around too!
    I play LoL and Dota2 also. I also just got into WoW and overwatch. In HotS I like to play li ming, but I like a lot of the specialist and melee fighter heroes. Ill definitely look for you in teamspeak to get to meet you :)
    Hey Teeze

    I have been playing hearthstone for about 1.5 years. I enjoy winning with my own made decks and getting good ranks. I watch some streamers and my favourite streamer is Savjz. My favourite deck to play has to be Freeze Mage cause it requires a lot of thinking and skill to play.

    Thanks for the welcome message
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