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  • Congratulations on your rank up to Corporal. Keep up the good work!

    Fox ~
    welcome to the clan! hit me up on league sometime! IGN CupOfNoobles!
    Hello and welcome! It's awesome to have another Smite player (I play some myself, but I'm not very good haha). Anywho, maybe I'll catch you in a game, and if not I'm sure I'll see you on the forums or on TS. OH! If you ever find yourself needing to talk to someone about a problem, concern or if you just want to talk, feel free to find me! Until then, enjoy Fever!
    Welcome to Fever

    If you are looking for information on how ranks work and to rank up, please check our promotion guide.

    If you see something you think needs improvement or you have a cool idea for something then feel free to suggest it to us Here in the Suggestions section.

    We actively use Teamspeak so if you want to talk to members in game or just chat with people feel free to get on :)

    If you need help with anything or if you just want to chat then please feel free to message me or any of the other leaders in this clan. Everyone here is willing to help out at any time so don't feel like you can't ask for assistance. We were all new once and we all understand that sometimes these websites can be confusing to operate. And most importantly have fun and enjoy gaming with everyone here :)
    Welcome to the clan homie! Hit me up on LoL sometime because I'm starting to get back into that again after a long ass break. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up either via PM or just finding me on TS. Enjoy your stay!

    - Epic :cool:
    Welcome to Fever, Mr. Popo

    Tell us about yourself by posting an introduction here

    Here are links to forums for the games that you play:

    World of Warcraft
    Diablo 3
    DOTA 2

    This post explains our ranks, what they mean, how they are earned, and what responsiblities go along with them

    Social Media Sites:

    FeverClan Facebook
    FeverClan Youtube
    FeverClan Twitter

    If you have any questions about anything, anything at all send me a IM, PM, or find me on Teamspeak. If I am not available feel free to reach out to any member.

    Fox ~
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