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    Destiny 2 - Scourge of the City 7PM CST

    I'm up for it.
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    THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 10/11/2018

    Looking forward to collecting masks again
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    Pure heartbreak
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    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Issue #345

    Wasn't expecting to be mentioned...
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    We are Reworking the Roster : Please Read

    Active again, do mostly PVE stuff Battlenet: NotTarget#1533
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    This is why I keep telling you guys to try ranked out.
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    Farcry 5 worth $60?

    If you've enjoyed the previous FarCry games then you'll enjoy this one as well. I'm about 40 hours in at this point and still have most of the third zone to go as I've been exploring a lot and have been trying to clear everything before moving to a new zone. I've only tried a little of the Co-op...
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    This was my result for his Emerald game.
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    Free Stuff for Twitch Prime Members

    You have until May 4th to grab your loot. This time around you'll get the following: -USS Texas, a premium Tier 5 Battleship and port slot (If you have the Texas already you will likely receive the equivalent value in doubloons. This is how they typically handle duplicate premiums.) -15...
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    US Cruiser Split

    As far as the we know this is how the US cruiser will happen. YouTube
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    Beat my old top damage record by quite a bit. Used to be 210k in my Montana. The ship I did it in doesn't surprise me as I thought it would take this spot at some point. When you can get the Yamato in a position where its guns can keep firing the enemy team's gonna feel it...
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    My last game in the Friedrich Der Grobe (tier 9 German BB). Now I just need the money for the tier 10...
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    Found myself in a game with my favorite Community Contributor, Arlios. Didn't expect to get to sink him. This made my night. Here's his youtube page. YouTube
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    Post your screenshots and replays here.