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    Pirates and being a criminal!

    the guild criminals is quite large, and often camp freedich isle. i hope for everyone's sake that they don't go alone.
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    Where are the NA people at?

    i've been leveling in archeage and tending to the 7 days to die server with dr boots.
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    PvP Event #1

    only 1 person showed up to the event so it was postponed.
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    DayZ is back to square one.

    you should come join us on 7 days to die. we even have a dedicated server for the community.
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    Server Slots

    For the first time last night, we managed to max out the server slots. GREAT JOB! Lets keep this up so we can upgrade server slots!
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    Fever Coins for patron status anyone?

    i have no credits on this game, and i'm only looking to purchase 1 month of patron, just because i know within that month of playing, i can afford another month with ingame currency. but waiting 7 hours each day isn't going to cut it for me to play this game, and that's what it's panning out to...
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    Fever Coins for patron status anyone?

    I'm curious if anyone is willing to give me patron status so i can actually log onto the archeage server. I'll give you all my fever coins which is just shy of 11k. Do i have any takers?
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    Queue time

    i doubt they'll be adding an abundant amount of servers. maybe 1 or 2 but not enough to take away the queue times. The reason for this is so that they can attract patron status. it's a free to play game where you have to pay to actually play lol.
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    PvP Event #1

    Alright guys, I had promised you all some events for the 7 days to die server, WELL HERE IT IS! PvP at it's best! So we will host a 1v1 tournement inside the "Tournement Zone" that i choose. Date: Monday, 22nd of September. 7pm Eastern Time. Requirements...
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    Poll: What should drop on death?

    Belt Inventory Everything
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    7 Days to Die server.

    I'm personally down for whatever. I'll talk to DrBoots and get this done.
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    7 Days to Die server.

    Thank you DrBoots for making this happen!
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    7 Days to Die server.

    The moment we have all been waiting for is here. Fever Clan has its own dedicated server for 7 days to die. SERVER INFO FeverGaming I.P Port 19248 Information about the server you may want to know before joining. 1.what drops on death : Belt. 2.zombies...
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    the great debate starts now!

    i voted b. for the simple fact that i hate hitting the counter with my hand when it's a. b gives more room for your hand to do it's work lol
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    it says that you're offline. not even 30 mins after you posted this lol.