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  • also on steam i am leafkiller1
    just not on alot and getting back to GW2 and D3 and maybe some wow again. and to tell u the truth being on there TS is a pain with all the asshole that pop in and out of the channels be it guest or members thats why i stop going into the channel if you go on D3 just friend leafkiller or gw2 also the same.
    good luck tamai am done with ftb and fever i mighht stop in and say high every now and then lol
    mods as in server mods and not moderators silly :p
    i need a list of all mods you think would be awesome on the 7daystodie server and it will be up and running the next day
    yeah im down for it bro i ejoyed the game just got bored playing it by myself
    i play firefall well kind of stoped had no one to play the game with
    Congratz on the promotion! Keep up the good work! :)
    Good job on recruiting and congratulations on your promotion, keep up all the good work!
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