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    Just Saying Hi

    Doubtful. Pretty sure i'm just an undead beast or something nowadays ;o
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    Consoles: Favorite PS Vita Game?

    Persona 4 Golden and the vita release of Persona 3 Portable for me. Though having FFX on a handheld was pretty damn nice. grind out my max stats while on a plane or whatever. One of my most recent favorites though has to Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, suprisingly. Mostly 'cause i didn't...
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    Just Saying Hi

    y If you ever wanna play a few games with me or whatever, feel free to add my battle.tag; Synizta#1142. Last time i was ranked was plat, but that was like a year ago now >_>
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    FIFA 15?

    I play fifa, though usually most a career mode dude myself. But do always like a good game against someone else. Though i can't really play atm, yay for physical injuries from work. SyniztaYo is my PSN for when i can play again ^_^
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    Incoming Changes to the SC2 Ingame Fever Community

    If my internet is able to hold up with starcraft 2 now, might be a good chance for me to come back. Hmm. Would be nice to play a little here and there.
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    Magic 2015: New Expansion - Garrucks Revenge

    I've been looking to get into it again, mostly because of the premium boosters now being free to those who brought the Limited Edition (at least i think that's the case, i had them after going on for first time after expansion released) now not having to grind to get all of the cards (which it...
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    Infinity Wars: Animated Trading Card Game

    This is like the 5th thread i've seen for Infinity Wars since Janurary or something....ANYWAY I've been playing on and off after meeting the lead dev at PAX Australia last year where we spent several hours playing magic the gathering together. IW has probably got to be my favorite TCG around...
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    I've been playing on and off lately. Scourgecorp if you want to add me. >_>
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    Soccer: European Transfer Deadline day!

    I'm not really looking foward to Welbeck playing for Arsenal. It almost seemed like they just want to throw some money away so they wouldn't drown in it.
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    Soccer: European Transfer Deadline day!

    I agree, i don't particularly think Giroud is a great first choice striker, if 2 up front with a specialist striker i feel Giroud would be a lot better for Arsenal. But really, he's been pretty disappointing since joining imo. But i'm trying to think of who would be a good fit who would viable...
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    Soccer: European Transfer Deadline day!

    The gunners REALLY need to pick up a specialist striker before the deadline hits. Giroud out for about 3 months (last i heard) and almost every other striker they have is more of an attacking midfielder or winger who just happens to also be able to play up front at times. (Not all, but most >_>)
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    Creepers are Five Years old!

    I just feel sorry for them, they just want to give a hug but always end up exploding ): Also they just want to raise a family, but always explode before they get the chance. Very unfortunate creatures ):
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    Fever Official Minecraft Roster

    IGN: Synizta ^_^ Edit; 69th post. hehe.
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    Roughnecks Squad

    > Implying you were loved in the first place. <3
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    Remembering Satoshi Kon

    Even if one hasn't seen any of Satoshi Kon's works, his reputation as an absolute genius is incredibly well known within the anime community. Just found this; apperently his last words - Satoshi Kon's last words | Makiko Itoh : Not a nameless cat. well worth a read. Speaking of which, i...