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  • Great job on receiving the rank up! I see you are keeping up activity in the Smite and Anime section! We really appreciate you keeping up the activity and we show your thanks by giving you a rank up! Keep up the work and the rank ups will come with ease!
    Congrats on your rank up Sycon1! We are so glad you are an active member in the forums and so the ranking shows! Hope to see more of you! Favorite part about Fever? :ghost: Keep on rocking! :cupcake:
    Welcome to Fever Sycon1! I do hope you have as much fun in Fever as I am having and I wish you a pleasant stay, if you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM or ask me on teamspeak I will be more than happy trying to answer them :)
    Hello and welcome to Fever! Glad to have you here.

    I'm sure you'll fit in with our Smite community.

    Have fun, and happy gaming!
    hello and welcome to fever if you have any problems or need help with something feel free to send me a pm :)
    I am EF and I will be your guide if you would like any information or need help or just want a friend please do not hesitate to message me ^.^

    Now that you have joined fever I'm sure you are trying to figure out what you should do next, my suggestion would be to post a message for others to get to know you!

    Now that you have a way for people to get to know you its time to get your game on! We have all the gaming sections you could dream of!
    For shooters:
    For mobas:
    For rpgs:
    For rtss: ( you will see me a lot there ^.^)
    our strategy section:
    just about any other game you will probably find here:
    and if your into competitive gameplay then this is your spot:

    Now that your getting your name around and your having fun I bet you would like to know we have a reward system in place in fever. That's right not only do you get to have fun but you get rewarded for it too! I'm sure your application officer went over it a little bit but here is more info:

    Now that I have peaked your interest in that reward system I guess by this point you have realized everyone has a rank well here is a list of all those ranks and what they mean:

    One great way to get both rank and coins is to join a job ^.^. The jobs are really easy and just something that goes along with your daily gaming. If this interests you this link is for you! :

    By the way if you would like to access this forum from you phone we even have a tapatalk here is the link to that:

    if you would like to connect with us with your favorite social media we are on quite a bit of them ^.^

    It really is a privilege to have you join our community! You can trust me you will not regret your decision joining us! this is your family now don't hesitate to talk to anyone cause everyone is happy to have you around! I cant wait to see you around team speak and on the forum!
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