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    Path of Exile - Player Roster - Apply here for invites!

    Suureblast is my beastiary name :D
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    Reason for my recent absence

    Hey guys sorry i havent been around much lately, my gfx card on my laptop crashed and i have nothing to game with at the moment, and it may be a decent while before i can afford to replace it. I will be as active as possible on the forums, and as soon as i make my triumphant return to PC gaming...
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    NA-ESO Who's on first? What's on second?

    Is this for PS4? or PC? Is there even a PS4 division for ESO?
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    Path of Exile - Player Roster - Apply here for invites!

    Made a 2 week char, SlamminSuurebud is the name :D
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    Paladins - In-Game Names!

    Forum Name: Suurebud In-Game Name: Suurebud Region: NA
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    Pending: New PC, Downloading slow AF even though my bandwidth is high.

    So i have a new Asus PC, here are the specs: AMD FX Black edition 6 core processor 3.5 Ghz 12 GB RAM 2 TB HDD AMD Radeon R7 340 2GB not sure of the power supply. From what I know, this PC should run just fine, im not sure what would be throttling my download speeds so much...
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    Event: The Twisted Tournament is here! Come Sign up now!!

    Count me in as well, Current Level: 83 Current Rank: None, Main/OffSpec: Assassin/Tank Though i dont have a preference with either.
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    Path of Exile - Player Roster - Apply here for invites!

    SuureMcflurry is my new ign, would appreciate an invite whenever possible :D
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    Just got BF1 for PC

    Just grabbed it, no previous experience with BF whatsoever, hoping for the best lol. I imagine it would be better with people to play with, so hit me up. Suurebud is my origin. Hope to see ya in game, could use a hand learnin the ropes.
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    Insane CTF comeback!

    Nice win. haha
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    Best way to trade up skins

    Im also curious.... as i dont have money to open the chests. lol
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    Path of Exile - Player Roster - Apply here for invites!

    Would u like to join fever? I can shoot you an invite if ya like :) crimsonfate
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    Game Night Dates Chosen!

    I will be there tonight, im off work at 7, so i might be a few mins late, but expect me for sure.
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    Game Nights starting back up!

    Im good most of the time, as long as i know ahead of time. Im off work on weekends, so theyd likely be best, but i will attend as many as possible. Could probably host a night here and there as well if needed. My 4 year old is now playing overwatch as well, though I dont think ill have...
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    Just Hit Grand Master!

    Damn dude, GG. Stoked for ya, im having issues staying in gold, i imagine some of my issue is i just solo que, so i rely heavily on matchmaking.... which is not reliable. Im still fairly new though, so I still have alot to go. I watch GM tips and tricks video's, i may start watching more char...