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  • "Pure Imagination"

    Thanks for the message and the information really appreciate it :)
    I Like you already (ME ME ME ME) im looking to some people to play csgo with me as i steam looks like im too late for the game night but if it happens again hit me up on steam.
    Steam: Angelic_Knight
    Hey Supguy123 and thanks for the welcome, I've done a thread on the introduction page and am beginning to find my way around the website lol. Lots of information to be had on here I see. Hoping to see a few of you ingame in the near future. I'll be on TS a fair bit so feel free to come say hi!!
    Dear Supguy,

    Thank you for the extensive, detailed message! While helpful, it also made me laugh a couple times :)
    I'll be sure to check out all those things!

    hey supguy thanks for the welcome and the helpful tips and links. my btag is TwistedInk#1521 add me if YOU want to get owned lol. already posted an intro. and thanks again for welcoming me in.
    My first account got banned, named Shadowclaw that's where I was 220
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