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  • Thanks :3

    I was kinda surprised to see an area for people to talk about anime. Happy surprised lol
    Alright bro thanks for letting me
    Know I'm glad ark isn't dead in our clan
    Yikes. Literally no one has done anything since i went MIA. :(
    Hola. You are now Leader in GW2!
    Yeah I do, Add me on steam
    I'd be excited to play on a Ragnarock, all the ones I get on seem to have greifers galore lol
    Hey Sun, I actually have been wanting to play ARK again; I just never found a server or people to play with before so it just kind of sat in my Steam library unfortunately.
    Thanks for the offer.
    I might give it a shot once I get a acclimated to the other jobs I have taken on. It does not show on my page yet but I am ACC for both D3 and Overwatch, D3 game night cord, Overwatch game night host and pr-staffing.
    I definitely jacked your front page when I ment to send a PM my bad
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