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    News: Monks & Mystics now available! CK2 75% off, older dlc also discounted.

    This is the lowest CK2 gets, so if you were ever interested in the game you should buy it now. Monks & Mystics is now available, I didn't keep up with the dev diaries or anything but does anyone have any opinions on how it looks or how it plays if you have already bought it?
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    NA Please come to me for help.

    After seeing some recent replays, I've determined a number of you need to get better. Please message me either here or battlenet, send me a replay, let me watch a game, whatever, and I'll help you. My battlenet is RedEyeStorm7#1449. Don't make me cringe anymore :(.
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    You could never pre-order expansions with gold, save up your gold for when it comes out instead, unless you really want that card back + 10 free packs.
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    Hearthstone Autocad Drawing

    Made in less than an hour. Please be kind D:
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    Accidents happen

    You know there is a replay thread.
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    How fun Wild truely is

    You know there is a replay thread.
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    Replay Repo - Share your replays here!
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    News: Year of the Mammoth Plans Revealed!

    RIP Three of my favorite cards that were never supposed to rotate out :(. Please note that in addition to receiving the dust you do still keep the card if you want to use it in wild, or you can disenchant it for profit. So if you have 1 gold and 1 non-gold Rag you will receive 4800 dust, but...
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    mage, rogue. paladin ranked deck

    Renomage (Must haves include Reno, Brann, Kazakus, etc.) Tempomage(Must haves include flamewaker, mana wyrm, cult sorcerer, probably archmage) Jaderogue(Standard jade things like spirit with brann, aya, jade shuriken, etc.) Dragonpally(Will link my decklist from karazan later) You should also...
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    warlock card

    Hogger isn't the best, so I'll list off some of the better ones in no particular order(Classic Neutral Legendaries): Alexstraza (Usually better in mage or a combo, not that flexible) Bloodmage Thalnos (+1 spell damage and card draw in a low cost card is really powerful, making it both flexible...
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    In-game names!

    I never bothered to get added, so might as well. Stormy RedEyeStorm7#1449 NA Trixie Lulamoon
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    Ranked Dragon Priest Help

    Defender of Argus doesn't really fit into the deck, and holy nova can easily be replaced with another dragonfire potion if you have the dust. I'm guessing you don't have dust for late-game legendaries, so when you are using netherspite historian, unless you are under a lot of pressure to curve...
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    How unlucky can you possible be?

    A lot worse than this, also misplays.
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    warlock card

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    warlock card

    It seems like people are forgetting this is a gold card, so if he really wants to he can simply re-craft it later if he wants to with no lost of dust (unless you really care about gold cards), and there are much better legendaries to craft in any meta.