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    Ret Pallies Unite!

    clearing nighthold, the weekly cache from mythic+ and your emmisarries get's you an upgrade a week.
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    Ret Pallies Unite!

    Cloak and belt. Ring is decent, but if you have the cloak, you just pop the fuck off during wings.
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    Ret Pallies Unite!

    They're alright. You really need your BiS legendaries to be anything above average.
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    Rate Your Expansions!

    Legion. Best content out of all the expansions thus far.
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    Want to know why I think blizz rng hates me?

    that second option isn't how loot works at all. you dont have shit luck, you just dont do enough.
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    Want to know why I think blizz rng hates me?

    ill be the first to take a bet here saying that you've done less than 100 Mythic+
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    spellblade aluriel help

    link logs
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    beastmaster 7.1

    marksman still better. buffs were pretty huge.
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    Overwatch Aimbot Widowmaker in Comp. Game

    thats not even close to aimbotting lol. McCree seemed pretty lucky since he flicked right as the shield dropped, but he literally predicted Mercy's movement since she was just walking in a straight line. 3/10 silvers
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    Demon Hunter Thoughts

    the recent changes are decent. if you dont have the legendary ring you dont feel as rage starved anymore.
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    General Addons

    It's got a LOT more information too. Highly recommend it.
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    General Addons

    it's inaccurate. my DPS on recount is 70k lower than on Details / warcraftlogs.
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    General Addons

    dont use recount. use details.
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    hunter sub classes

    Where did you even hear Survival was good? They're absolute horseshit. Right now Marksman is the better spec, but BM is probably going to pull ahead in Nighthold.
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    Speaking of Fate, anybody get some decent rolls on the New Year gacha?