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  • Why do you have worst girl set as your avatar?
    i question how you don't like Steins Gate
    did u check out my list is it it really that short?
    is magi where there like magicians i think i seen that 1 ill look it up
    more i forgot Tactics,Shingeki no Kyojin <~~ this 1 still ongoing aswell,Bleach,Hajime no Ippo,Ao no Exorcist,Initial D,Cowboy Bebop,Air Gear,Darker than Black,Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi,Berserk,Fist of the North Star,Inuyasha,Mushibugyou wow cant belive i forgot so many
    actual list of every thing i seen and i might be missing a couple im just gonna put the name of series i finished i already told u ongoing 1s still being made its gunna be a long list here i gomy spelling might be off also srry the frist hunter x hunter,acell world,Nisekoi,Fullmetal Alchemist,Tatakae Ramenman,Highschool of the Dead,Hikaru No Go,Virtua Fighter,Kaze no Stigma,Ace of Diamond <~~~ this 1 im still watching its still ongoing,Afro Samurai,afro ken,all dbz,Mushishi,Zetsuen no Tempest,Oh! Edo Rocket,Bobobo bo bo bobo,Omamori Himari,Bakuman,Death Note,Robotics Notes,Soul Eater,Desert Punk,Beelzebub,City Hunter,Hero Tales thats all i can rember theres probl more im going to rember later
    im 28 m California i watched to much anime like thousands of hours favorite anime toss up between baki the grappler,yu yu hakusho and hunter x hunter 2011,sao relly good too i really like log herzion also, what im watching now one piece,log horizon,fairy tale,toriko,naruto,there might be more im forgetting lol least favorite any gundam or mech just cant get in to em a reason i really want to join is im running out of anime to watch and it would be good to see what other pll are watching,my brother livis in japan and keeps me up on the latest stuff coming out i tink i aswerd every thing thank you for your time
    are you trolling me now?... cause now im confused >.< white is the standard color for the forums-.-
    I find your post very interesting since im a anime/manga fan :) added you to friends thinking it will keep me updated with your posts ^^
    if i had it id fuking b-hop all the way to ct kiid.
    ill bhop acrost your mom kid
    Fantastic, so you think "Well i'm fucking retarded". i would love to know what happens inside your head when you think
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