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  • Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy birthday, Stereo!! Did you ask for anything cool (that you got) this year?
    Hopefully you had a great birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Hey Stereo,

    Welcome to Fever Clan. I'm Applejack, a Starcraft 2 player, and am looking forward to getting to know you. Come join us in
    the Starcraft 2 teamspeak channel( We have players from most ever league, and really friendly coaches, but someone
    will talk to you about that soon :). There's squads (mini teams) for starcraft that play competitively, and your'em more than welcome
    to join one. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me, or anyone else here. Hope to see you mining soon :)

    You're welcome, I hope you enjoy your experience here. If you have questions about Sc2 or getting an invite to the Fever Clan in-game let me know!
    Yes! Exspecialy last night..... SC2 Gamenight was insane.. Somany pple turned out for it... Those were Crazy ass customs lastnight. ♥
    Welcome!; To FeverClan!; I Trust You Will Enjoy Your Time Here!, If You Have Any questions.. Hit me up IN game FlutterShy.420 (Sc2) And Or PM Me On The Forums And Ill Try My Best To Help You! Or At Least Point You To Whom Can!.
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