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  • Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! I hope that your day was wonderful!
    Happy Birthday!

    Your car?
    Congratz on MJR my loyal subject :)
    WOOT Nicely done on 1st Lieutenant Spectre! Congrats and job well done!!!

    Happy birthday Spectre!
    Happy Birthday man!
    happy irl level up day!~
    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    Happy BDAY BB
    Haha, didn't have any plans or anything, and I don't drink!.

    I love playing Fizz and Mordekaiser <:
    Sorry for not actually replying to your question sooner.

    I don't actually do too much outside of Fever work and gaming... but when I do get the time, I spend it singing to my poro pillow, or drawing random things. I was actually looking back at artwork I did during middle school last night, and I found a paper drawing of Teemo. Lord help me. I also sing in a choir at my school, a choir of only 6 persons strong. We still put on concerts though, I have one on May 20th.

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