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  • your living it my friend!!
    Thanks again!
    Hey man, we have already talked and congratulated and tahnks each other already, but really man CONGRATULATIONS!!! 1month in clan and youa re an officer SOMETHIGNTO BE PROUD ABOUT!! you drew A LOT of attention. keep up the great work and get above cloud 9!!
    Congratulations on becoming an Officer. Thank you for your work on the Greeting and Introduction Team. I really appreciate you taking a few minutes to talk with new members. It really helps Fever to be more friendly and engaging with new members :).
    Excellent work in the HoTS and the introduction, I see your post as I post mine and you do a really nice job with it, keep it up, maybe one day you will run that section :p Keep on ranking up and congratulations of making officer!
    its like a sin( see what I did there) not to cap your I's
    Welcome to the greeting team! Thank you so much for helping us make the community feel welcome!
    YOU still haven't changed the i's DX its driving me insane lol
    You are not one of those fairy tail hot head fans like @Leo is are you :wall:
    no thank you for the work you are putting in :D
    good job on your informational message I will send you a pm with some tips :D
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