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  • Happy birthday man! I like your propic haha, that's a big table! Is that an edit or is that real? if so where is it?
    Happy birthday skillzthatkillz! I wish you the best of luck in this new year. Remember that just like every year, it will pass away soon. Make the best decisions and memories from it.
    29! Happy birthday! How is to to be only 1 year away to hit the big 3? I hope you have a great day and celebrate it how it has to be!!
    happy birthday i hope you enjoy your birthday and be safe
    Congrats on your 29th Birthday! :cupcake: Hope you have had an awesome day! Save me some cake. Last 20's, how does it feel?! Have an awesome night! Keep being awesome :ghost:
    Happy Birthday little man. No balloons, No cake, No candles, No presents. Just Feverclan messages to make you feel all tingly inside.
    Congratulations, you're old. Have a good one.
    happy irl level up day!~
    Im back gotta alot of anime to catch up on that is on list XD
    Congratz on the promotion! You are ranking up fast. Keep up the good work. :)
    Congrats on the promotion to Sergeant skillzthatkillz!. You are a great asset to the clan. Keep up the good work
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