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  • Sorry for being so inactive and only getting to your message now. I have been extremely busy with my life, but I plan to be more active on here.

    Hey! It's exciting for me to meet another osu! player as well. As for what rank and what I play you can see my profile here
    As for my favorite map? I would certainly say.... Airman the Sound Holic edition on the 6- Star difficulty. I think its a lot of fun and the jumps look like rocket ships ^u^.
    I would love to talk in the future as I become more active here.

    Happy Birthday!
    I see you already know my nickname. I play heavily modded minecraft only, and on DCUO I have both heroes and villains.. on.. pvp? pve? I don't remember. Maybe both, who knows.
    I never recommend any games to other people! the addiction is too high and I don't want to be the one responsible for it!
    bahhh I doubt I'm any better than you bro, but we should play league sometime. Add me in game: Aidoffhilter.

    lol you must be the drill sergeant of the clan. ill keep my posture straight and my caitlyn rifle stiffed and ready EY EY SIR
    Yeah, I am buying a new Graphics card during the week (OC gtx 960) so I should be able to run it, when I get round to buying it :)
    Every GTA except GTA 5! (working on getting it!)

    Yeah I love me some Hearthstone, I will in the next few days be checking the forums out for sure, might even improve myself whilst looking there ;)!!
    Hey, thankyou! I always played a lot of arena so if you ever fancy some games I'l be up for it, but i'd be glad to assist if you wanted to try it out again :)
    Welcome to Fever Shortcutcomix! I do hope you have as much fun in Fever as I am having and I wish you a pleasant stay, if you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM or ask me on teamspeak I will be more than happy trying to answer them :)
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