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  • I can't believe I missed your post.... new puppy, promotion, excuses blah blah. Either way I wanted to thank you for being one of the first people to talk to me when I first joined. You were always friendly and an absolute joy to be around so no matter where you go that trait will take you far in life. Again I'm sorry I didn't hear about this sooner, I hope you get this and I hope to see you around. You've done a lot of good here, and caused lots of smiles. So thank you for everything :)
    Thanks so much! :D
    LOL :p Well it was time you care more about yourself^^
    That's good, I am happy for you ;) Don't you miss the work you did there? :D
    Hey Shock, how is life? how its going, long time since we last talked :/
    I sure do, just added it as my signature on the forums :D
    That bunny is soooooo cute :D
    Thanks, it seems pretty easy for me I guess.
    zomg it was your birthday? Happy belated bday!
    I think you made a good choice, that is just what I have experienced from surgery. I almost rather have lived with the problem then have the surgery.
    You have more balls then I do. That would kill me if I were you. lol I couldn't image the aches and pains of neck surgery.
    Have you had reconstructive knee surgery or any major surgery?
    I already start to feel the pain of getting older. I have been like arrrrgggggg I'm older now. I can't imagine 28 at this point to be honest. lol
    You'll be even older? lol
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