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  • Happy birthday!
    Happy Birthday!!
    Thank you!
    Welcome To FeverClan
    I Hope You Will Enjoy Your Time Here!
    Cool deal man. Yeah I think Bogo wiped the forums around July of last year...Maybe I don't remember...Well welcome back and let me know if you need anything.
    Congratulation on your promotion to Silver in SC2 Recently!

    As part of the welcoming community, I'd like to personally welcome you to the Starcraft 2 WoL/HotS section of FEVER clan. Since my initial membership over a year ago, I have made many friends, participated in practice events, a few Clan-on-clan events, and team games. Other items to consider in the SC2 community are Barcraft events (online on Teamspeak), a wide variety of discussion over balance, build orders, strategies, help, coaching and mentorship alike. I hope you find our resources valuable as a new member of our section and again, Welcome to Fever Clan!
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