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    Conan Exiles

    Here is the direct connect to the server I am currently playing on.
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    Conan Exiles

    Any interest from the masses for some Conan Exiles? Another game I enjoy playing and building on. Looking for more people to play and interact with.
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    GTFO Co-op

    Anyone have the new GTFO and looking to get some groups together?
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    Vampire the Masquerade - Discord RP

    Any interest in the group over a vampire the masquerade rp over discord? I have some things currently in the works.
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    If anyone is interested in playing Paladins let me know. Post up your name so we can get invites out for some squad play.
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    Dead By Daylight - player base

    please add me Worggy Shenanoska is my steam name.
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    7 Days to Die

    I am playing that currently. I have a server stood up and will enjoy more people on it if anyone is interested.
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    Payday 2

    Playing more PD2 this evening - roughly 7:00 PM CT. Looking for more to play with. Crime spree and achievement hunting.
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    Payday 2

    I'll be playing tonight around 5 PM CT. I am open to playing crime sprees or simply going through missions. I prefer overkill or mayhem but if you're newer I can carry. ;)
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    Payday 2

    Been playing a lot of Payday 2 and rather enjoying it. If anyone is interested in playing let me know. Steam name is Shenanoska.
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    Origin Names

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    D3 S18 first weekend impressions?????

    I love the way most of the set armors look. It is fun to play the game and get "top tier" gear but so much more fun to look good while doing it.
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    U-Play IGN/Handle

    Both of mine are Shenanoska
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    Approved: Shenanoska's Application to Join

    User name: Shenanoska Age: 33 Gender: Male Game(s) you play: Fallout 76, Apex, PUBG, Vermintide, Space Hulk, Overwatch, HOTS, Siege, LoL, DOTA, DST, Dead by Daylight, MechWarrior, Empyrion, Conan, Rust, The Forest Current In-Game Username(s) you would like to share: Shenanoska Do you have a Mic...