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  • Hey there,
    I just got on ARK recently. Wondering if you and anyone else still plays . If so: on what server ?

    Hello Officer , congratz ^__________^
    Wow, this has got to be one of the fastest acceptance into officership. I was a member for about a month and a half before my OIT got accepted, but damn yours was fast
    Welcome to the fever family :D
    Welcome to Fever my friend!! Glad to see another MOBA player come to us!! Our player base has risen dramatically in the last year! My main game is SMITE so feel free to add my IGN Turtt. I also play HOTS and dabble in DOTA 2. We have a great MOBA community and in-game clans! Feel free to PM me or find me on TS if you have questions!! Glad to have ya!!

    PS: Remember to check the forums for MOBA Game Nights and Fever Events!!!
    Hey Ryuk, Welcome and have fun in our clan :D I see you are playing standard games these days, with ARK getting more and more players as in Fever and worldwide :D I don't like that LoL is your main game :(

    If you have any question feel free to ask anything about anything :D
    Welcome to the Clan! I main Shaco and Cho' Gath. Who do you play? I hope you enjoy your time here and if you have any questions feel free to PM me
    Welcome to the Fever family! I played LoL once a long time ago but could never really get into it, but a lot of people here play it and are always willing to group with clan mates! I hope you enjoy your time here! :)
    Welcome to the clan Ryuk! you'll certainly find a lot of league players here in fever, and if you happen to need a coach we got quite a few skilled players. Hope to see you on teamspeak and on the rift during league night!
    Hi there, Ryuk! Welcome to Fever! It's a pleasure to meet you!

    I'm Trance, and I'll be your guide!

    Before we go any further, I'd like to link you to our Introductions forum.

    Here, you can post a little bit about yourself, and give others a chance to get to know you a bit better!

    Now that we've got that out of the way, let me tell you a bit about the gaming community we have here!

    Here are a few gaming forums that might tickle your fancy!

    - Shooter

    - MOBA

    - RPG

    - RTS

    - Strategy

    - Misc

    Fever Coins

    On top of all of this, we have some awesome unique features, such as the Fever Coin system! These coins can be used for a variety of great things, ranging from nickname changes to Diamond member rank!

    If you're unsure about any of this, feel free to ask any questions and I'll happily go over it all with you and help out where need be!


    As well as the Fever exclusive currency, we also have in-clan Jobs available! These Jobs are by no means mandatory, but they are highly encouraged! If you feel like this might be something you are interested in, feel free to pop on over to the Members Discussion and see if there's something that interests you!

    Social Media

    To keep up with what's happening in Fever outside of the forums, we have;

    A Youtube Channel

    A Facebook Page

    And also Twitter!

    If you're interested in keeping up with us outside of the forums/teamspeak, feel free to like/follow/subscribe!

    Ranking System

    If you're interested in the ranking system we have here, or are curious about promotions, you can find all you need to know here in the Ranks and Promotions section!


    If you're on the go, and would like to keep up with what's happening within the clan, then this app might just be for you! You can find out more at Tapatalk.

    Any questions you might have, or any assistance needed, I'm only a message away!

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