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    Random question on "guys" and "dudes"

    I don't think I have been called a "dude" since I was in high school...
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    Still active?

    I haven't played in about a year (maybe more?), but if there is something going on here I may re-download it and play casually. If I'm wanted send me a msg.
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    Game Night Is Back

    What?! Game night is back!? Awesome!
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    Team League

    Yep I'm interested
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    Team League

    Do you guys have a set night?
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    What's the haps with game night these days?
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    NA Who'll be playing Destiny 2? Which Platform?

    Hey guys. PC here, level 10 hunter. Late start... wife stuff. RunsWithWine#1745
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    Hallows end 2017

    I thought I would love Junkrat but I suck with him
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    New guy here

    It really helps on Linux.
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    Your thoughts on hospital food?

    It generally depends on the size of the hospital. I recently stayed a week at main campus of the Cleveland Clinic and all of their food is pre-cooked/packaged. They just heat up what you want and bring it to you. For one of the best hospitals in the world, the food is crap. My wife works at...
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    How Many Heroes Should You Play?

    This is how I like to do it, but some of them I just can't stand enough to get that far..
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    New guy here

    Thanks guys :)
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    New guy here

    Hey guys. Just wanted to come in and say hey. If you're ever looking for someone to group with, I'm in. RunsWithWine#1745 - Can fill pretty much any role, but I hate support :P
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    Approved: RunsWithWine's Application

    Just a heads up, I did this and now I have to go make dinner. I'll be back later tonight or tomorrow sometime :)