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  • Yea we definitely lost.... KMS.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR WOOKIE :surprise: #notlikethis #waow #imbad #memes4life
    Thank to ya!
    Congratulations on becoming an officer n00b
    Congrats on the promotion :)
    Dota 2 has the more complex gameplay and teamfights where a good support can totally distrupt entire enemy team hehehe @firefighter4ISU

    BTW! Rookie gratz on the rank up boi!
    Hey Rookie and welcome aboard. I see that you play DOTA 2. Is it comparable to League? I've heard both sides of the argument. I've never played DOTA so it's hard for me to decide, but I've heard DOTA has the upper hand.

    Have fun and I'll see you out there.
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