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    Not really sure where this would go, it's pretty much a single player experience. Been playing this early access game the past few days and it's great. It's inspired by Pokemon, but it feels more strategic and there's not randomness to the battles (at least that I can tell). Anyone else pick...
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    DOTA Underlords

    Not sure where to post this, it's based on auto-chess from the DOTA mod I believe. It's pretty interesting and free :) , anyone check it out?
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    Battle Pass XP Guide

    I saw this on Reddit by u/Spartun: Figured it might be useful on how the battle pass experience is obtained. One thing I found out is the bonus friend experience doesn't kick in until level 12. If you find this useful, please support this user's Reddit post with an upvote.
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    Apex Legends

    How's everyone feel about this game? Seems pretty good to me and I like that there's no fall damage :).
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    Smash Ultimate

    How’s everyone with the new Smash? Haven’t had any competitive experience yet, but my first impressions are that I enjoy the mechanics. Air dodging feels much more rewarding as you move a decent amount if space and can even dodge up to help recover!
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    Fallout 76

    I take it a lot of people in the clan interested in picking this up (this a sure buy for anyone)? Looks like it's pretty laid back in terms of a "survival" game. As a fan of the fallout series, can wait to see what the beta looks like. Multiplayer almost has a Sea of Thieves vibe, as it has...
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    VR Players?

    Thanks for the recommendations, I'll have to check The Gallery and Abode out! I buy games when they go on sale, so added them to my wish list. I have Arizona Sunshine, haven't played it yet though. SUPERHOT VR is a fantastic game. If you like MMORPGs I recommend OrbusVR. I also recommend Rec...
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    VR Section?

    Is there a VR section? I recently picked up OrbusVR (MMORPG with guilds) and am wondering if anyone has created a Fever Clan. Are there at least a few in the clan with a VR setup? Also there are other team games like Eve Valkyrie and Rec Room, but I don’t see them listed. Considering...
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    Its time to escape!

    Been thinking about picking it up when it goes on sale. I hear there’s going to be an open beta in the coming months, going to check it out then!
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    2018 Ranked Season 2 Dates and Rewards - significant changes to Placement Matches

    No vast changes in placement, I like that.
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    VR Players?

    Anyone with a Vive or Oculus Rift, is there a thread for VR players in these forums I have missed? I like to play Rec Room and go into the VR Chat. Any multiplayer games you'd recommend?
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    Do NOT play ranked right now, theres a bug with placements

    So if you're a Silver 2 with 9L and 1W, you will be Plat? Hmmmmmmmmmm
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    Destiny 2 Currently on Sale (PC)

    Aw shoot, CURRENTLY not CURRY!!! How do I change the title :/?
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    Destiny 2 Currently on Sale (PC)

    Just an FYI for those on the fence, it’s on sale on the official Blizzard site and you can get it cheaper from Green Man Gaming currently. If you like Halo I definitely recommend picking it up!
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    Fortnite BR Subreddit

    I recommend checking out the Fortnite BR subreddit. It's specifically for the battle royale part of the game, and can be found here: Fortnite Battle Royale Often tips, tricks, guides, and good clips to learn new things can be found there. The Devs also respond to redditors and it's pretty active.