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  • Happy Birthday!! hope you had an awesome day!!!
    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! Any plans?
    Happy Birthday <3:)
    Thank you Rizzah!!
    Sweet! Thanks I enjoying my time here.
    You are tireless !! and thanks :)
    Awesome. See you on there. (what's you're battletag?)
    Thanks Rizzah. I don't think we've formally met before (on TS or otherwise). Good to meet the CO of my newly-assigned platoon. You play D3, right? (I would imagine that's why you're CO of the Diablo 3 platoon :salute:)
    Hi Rizzah! Yes, it has been fun here and D3. Never a boring moment. Thank you I will be trying by best to do what I can for the clan. I will hit you up if I have any concerns coming up since you are my first chain of command. I will see you around, thanks again.
    Thanks man, congrats to you too!
    Thankyou! Be sure you congratulate Fox extra special for his Leader Rankup!
    Thank you for posting a visitor message about my promotion :calm:
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