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  • COME PLAY SOME TUNES! ~ FeverClan Gaming -

    Hey there, happy new year to ya!
    Health and that you own wishes may getting true!
    Fever subscription, that gave you your pink name
    Asked Bogo, he said it was because your subscription ran out. I contacted Mizu about it for you already
    Hey man, what happened to your forum tag? You're listed as just Redhill, but you haven't gone inactive
    Hi there, sorry for the late message as somehow I did not see all these messages from my regular PC. It's probably Firefox + Noscript which is filtering out notifications, which I will fix right away.

    I guess you could call me a Blizzard fanboy, because many of my favorite titles have all been Blizzard games, dating back to the original Warcraft RTS, although I did not play the SNES titles such as Roll 'n Roll racing or Blackthorne.

    That said Blizzard seems to be making the games which I like, but I hope this trend continues because not everything is perfect in the Blizzard world. But I will keep on playing for the forseeable future.
    Thank you! Been on TS every night now playing some Heroes Of The Storm. Having a good time here and and looking forward to meeting everyone i can!
    Wow. Thank you very much! It is my first day here and I feel so welcomed! Thanks alot! :)
    I'm American teaching English in S. Korea for a year. Born and raised in OC Southern California!
    Eh, I mean, as of two months, I do not play ARK anymore. I do like to hop games and play whatever is good at the moment, really. So it's kind of hard to catch me up on games like that. I put ARK on my profile because I was playing it at the moment.
    Thanks for the warm welcome.
    Hey man! I've had a hell of a time at work but if you want to talk over teamspeak about this then that would be cool. Your website is set up pretty ergonomically you just need a little visual orientation and I will be going over the content to make sure you're doing all good things. <3
    Thanks, also to you muaha :D
    Nah, not really a fanboy, I like their product though. I like the competitive pvp Heroes of the Storm brings to the table, Hearthstone is more of a pass the time by game. In the past I played several FPS games like TF2 and Dayz. The past few years have pushed me towards LoL and Dota 2, so it was an easy transition with the Moba game play.
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