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  • Congrats on becoming officer!
    Hi QuietRiot! Thank you for the welcome! I did sign-up for the leveling event, but I'll be late joining in. I'm also starting to play StarCraft II. I used to play the original StarCraft many many years back, but I was never good at it. I just tried SC2 again today, and seems good, but I've never really been good with RTS -- I'm not fast enough in building resources. I'd rather just hack and slash my way through! Haha!

    I did post an introduction. Check out the introduction titled "Interview with a Wizard". I'll see you around!
    Howdy! Thanks for the warm welcome! You totally should if you enjoy MoBA's. Its pretty great. Still getting use to navigating the site, been lurking for a while. haha. If i can think of anything, or run into any problems ill let you know, thanks!
    Hello Quietriot87,

    I play Diablo 3 indeed as well as a few dozen other games. I took part in this last season and loved every moment of it. It went really well. All the seasonal achievements obtained, season journey finished, got both sets of wings too, paragon 840 and still hunting for the best version of my main weapon. I play Starcraft 2 as well as Heroes of the Storm. Preordered Overwatch and I'm ready for that to start it's open beta. Maybe we can get a few games going.

    Thanks for the welcome
    Hi QuietRiot. Thanks for the message. I like the wizard class the most for D3, but this season I chose a barbarian and it's been awesome. I've reached paragon 600. I haven't played much HotS yet, but with people like you around, I'm sure it will be a good time. Add me in D3 Battlecanuck#1994
    Hiya thanks for the message. Yeah Im kinda with you I love my sader but I tested some DH builds on the ptr and had a blast. Ill prolly end up DH, Sader and (To be determined) for season 5
    I'm going to try Wizard for S5 I think. I've been testing them on the PTR and I think they're really fun. I managed to solo a 72 first try today with a fairly awful rift so they're definitely strong haha. Now I just need to find 3 other people to play with on the Friday night into Saturday.
    I recognized the mask right off the bat when I saw it! Metal Health will drive you mad...

    Thanks for the welcome, I already feel at home in the D3 community and have been running with a couple people enjoying the end of the season. I will most likely be playing Wizard (not sure, not very good at it) or Barbarian (heavily leaning this way since I love Raekor). Can't wait for the kick off on the 15th, I took a couple days off work so I can get a good head start on the season.
    Hi! Thanks for the welcome msg.

    Yes I plan to play s5-d3. Probably going to do a wiz. Hardcore only.

    Also will be playing League, and Star Citizen.
    Ayye! Congratulations on your promotion! I'm so glad that you're in my division and I have the pleasure to be apart of your Fever community. :)
    Hello and thanks for your message, I like to play wizard, barb and DH, for now I'm playing barb and wizard but I dont have a favorite characther.

    Hope to see you online soon, take care!
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