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  • Happy-Early Halloween!

    where have you been pyu
    Thank you! ♥
    I don't really, I'll see
    I'm 20, but I'm gonna play a bit more now so maybe I'll be around 25-30 :eek:
    Don't have money to buy it as I think it's B2P model?
    Well, I'm playing now. Was sleeping all day xD
    As I said I have too weak PC, until I get the new I will not be able to play it, sry :3
    captain pyu! Has a ring dont ya think? Anyways CONGRATTTS!!!
    I see you do a WHOLE BUNCH in the introduction and recruiting dept. thanks for everyhting you do, Keep up the good work
    So other than gaming waht do you do for fun?
    Annnnndddd we ranked up again together lol
    Congratulations on your rank up to Captain. You volunteer a lot within Fever: CO: 3-1-1, Recruiting Dept. Manager, Imagineering Staff, Statistics Dept. and Introduction Team. Thanks for giving your time to the Fever community to help make it a better place. As the lead of the Welcome Department, I especially appreciate your consistent activity on the Introduction Team :)
    Congradulicmacation on your rank up. Keep up the great work ^^

    Congratulations on the Captain rank up! With all the responsibilities you have it's not wonder to made it this far, and soon even higher! Thanks for all the time you put into Fever for the rest of us.
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