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  • Hey PeteHub7, congratulations on your promotion! Keeping active helps your clan mates, and it's nice to see someone from the platoon get a rank-up!
    Keep up the good work, and maybe we'll see each other in-game. How's the new season going? I'm learning the ropes on my Crusader - going for Hammerdin build with the new Light set.

    How about you?
    See you around, and as always, if you need anything, contact me anytime.
    -Noble :)
    Welcome to the Fever family! I like to play Diablo 3 on some occasions whenever I am particularly bored, it is fast paced loot and raining gold from all directions when that game is played, causing goblin bankruptcy all over the land! We have an in-game clan if you are interested in that and I hope you enjoy your time here!
    Welcome to fever PetHub7 hope you are enjoying your stay so far :)

    By the looks of it you play Diablo 3 i really love that game, whats your favorite act? mine is act 1 in new Tristram. have u tried any of the older Diablo games?
    Hello PeteHub7 Welcome and have fun in our clan :D

    I am RedHill, but you can call me Red. I am in this clan for more than year and I must say its better than I expected to be. Great and beautiful community with a lot of nice people in it. Fever is one of the best organised communities in the world, believe me. Everyone know where he fits, what he should do, just everything. Hopefully you will have same opinion after spending some time.

    First steps to do:

    It's always nice and polite to introduce yourself to the whole community. You can do that in Introduction Section

    There are lot of jobs to choose. We are not forcing you to do one, but if you want you can do some job and maybe earn some extra coins Job Section

    What makes Fever a little bit different than other communities and clans? The answer is economy or Fever Coin system. You can earn Fever Coins by just being active on forum, but if you want to earn more Fever Coins, then you should try finding a job! Check the link to find out more about economy: Fever Coin System

    FeverClan Standard is our set of rules that you must read and follow. Another thing that you should check out is how ranks and promotion works in this community: Ranks and Promotions

    Few things you should know more

    When you are not on PC and you want to check whats new of forum, you can use Tapatalk app to access easier Fever forum.

    Have you read everything and understood? Okay, now you can start making your way in this community. Please follow rules, be nice and fair to everyone and you should be fine. Hopefully we'll see each other on TS and we'll have a lot of fun :D
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