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  • Hi! I didn't realize I never responded to you. It's hard to pick one champ as my favorite in LoL I tend to try to practice everyone that is in meta. Right now, trundle in the support role seems to have a really high win rate for me though. for Pokemon, I first played Blue waay back when so I am partial to the original 151. How about you?
    Grats on LTG
    Congratulations on the promotion!! :D <3
    COME PLAY SOME TUNES! ~ FeverClan Gaming -

    You should hop in TS sometime and chit-chat! Always usually around in the D3 channels.
    PE?! Long time no see!
    Congrats buddy!
    WHOA! I log on.. and you are Lieutenant Colonel!!! How awesome is that? GRATZ!!!!!!!! thank you for all of your great work and dedication to the community. I also appreciate how you always make people feel welcome... and for giving us nudges on the intro team with that cyber whip of yours! J/K.. Great job!!!
    Hey PE, gratz on your promotion. I enjoyed working on your team in Introductions, and I think this is well-deserved! Great to see us recognizing the good work people do like what you do for all of us.
    Gratz again PE!
    Congratulations on your promotion to LTC!! I know you've been working hard especially in the Welcome Department! Keep it up!!
    Thank you :D Hahahaha I am surprised too, didn't expected this :D
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