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    Updates: !!! Inactivity Check !!!

    Ocean (fever) foulball3 (account) BreakfastNails (character)
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    R&U Discord has better voice comms anyways. Just shitty channel management.
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    New Member!!!

    Welcome! Stay away from Sasori and Gaudkiller.. they're both bananas
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    Tom Clancy's The Division Fever Playerbase

    new Uplay ID: BreakfastNails
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    Does For Honor count as a MOBA? Looking for peaple to play

    Arena game. Like Overwatch
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    Grind money and expensive items to your hearts content. The entire system is based on the economy... You have money, you have the best gear. The End. It's not Pay to Win though. You have to work for what you want.
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    Of course! I'm so sexy right?

    Of course! I'm so sexy right?
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    Things Look Bleak

    Come back and join us soon! Zaphara
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    The Real Special Edition

    NovaGenetics I think the Special Edition was a great release. It puts new mod capabilities up. As Gyorn said, it's now a 64- bit (unlimited memory) platform as opposed to the old 32-bit platform (which only supports up to 4gb. Even less considered the base game + mod support using memory). So...
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    Fever Movie Night 2.0

    Movie night was awesome! I agree with sparkis and think we should do V for Vendetta.
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    News: The scary not so scary Halloween edition blog post

    Kunezite This event is poopy and I find it hilarious how they're trying to get their playerbase back by offering "2nd Chance" to banned accounts. What a load of bullshit. Still no word on actual date for Engine Upgrade. I can almost guarantee their falling behind again.
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    Hey guys :)

    I'll log in again when I can. I'm going on vacation to Canada for a few weeks, so if I make the clan I'll have to appoint officers immediately.
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    Hey guys :)

    Kunezite NovaGenetics AngelSoul Tiggs announced that it's coming near the end of the year after the major patches for XB1 and PS4 (which are supposed to happen at the end of Oct). Hopefully this isn't just another BS promise that gets another "extended" (lel 3 years) delay. I believe I was...
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    Hey guys :)

    @Kunezute AngelSoul I'm coming back. Pretty sure I was maxed out with both ENF ans CRIM when I left. Coming back because new events coming out and the Engine Upgrade was finally (secretly) announced.