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    Moving on.

    I'd first like to thank The Rev for making this process much easier. Please take the time to read through this and consider yourself in my shoes. I do not wish to have this seen as a "complaint thread" but a thread of my thanks and goodbye. As for why I'm leaving Fever clan... it's for one...
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    Overwatch Aimbot Widowmaker in Comp. Game

    Regardless of his stats, I've played against hackers dozens of times in many games. I have 1000hrs in APB Reloaded and that game is filled with hackers who aimbot and wall. In that precise video you provided there were zero traces of aimbotting or anything that hints to having assistance from a...
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    The Earth's Core

    I've been given a whole new perspective of the lives we live here on our plant Earth. It makes me realize just how little we pay attention to our planet and the dangers it can present to us, not only that but how it protects us from things that would wipe us from the face of the earth. If you...
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    RS3 Looking good

    Nice, your hud is so much more simple than mine is haha
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    News: No News is Good News?

    It's both bad and good news. One they're getting jobs filled that were empty for god knows how long, and two some of those jobs seem to be related to the engine update, such as "Technical Artist" so there might still be a glimmer of hope left for the engine update.
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    RS3 Looking good

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Issue #268

    You have done your king proud my son. (Nice weekly btw, keep up the good work!)
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    Destiny 2

    I'll be playing the out of it when it gets released on PC. Pumped and really looking forward to another year of Destiny
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    anyone still play this game

    I still do, not like every day, but I get on every once and awhile just to play a few underground runs and go back to RS6 after that. Haha
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    Gonna take like a 2 month hiatus from Overwatch...

    Realistically, speaking. This game follows the whole "team-based" shooter genre on a very hardcore level, most of it's heroes have extreme similarities to TF2, Dirty Bomb, and various other team based shooters. If you've ever listened to Pharah she has said in a voice line "Rocket Jump? That...
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    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Issue #267 - New Years Special

    Great issue, the amount of dank memes in this thread has satisfied me. Continue. (Also happy new year everyone!)
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    OSRS What do you expect from soon to be released Raids?

    Let's be real, when a new boss comes out all we care about is how hard we can hit them with our best gear :kappa:
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    Anyone playing BF1?

    BF4 > BF1, lots of people are saying BF1 is meh. I won't be getting it anyways, if I really wanted a WW1 game I'd go back to COD WAW
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    Let's try this again lol... Don't delete this one Perwild!

    Jam for what it's worth I'm glad I had the chance to hang out and talk with you even if it were just for a brief period of time. I shall never forget that high pitch voice of yours :salute:
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    RS3 Question for everyone.

    Yeah, just give me a time that's good for you and we can get it setup, I won't be able to account for everyone. We'll have to get some subs to get the clan formed that way we can just get straight to business.