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    New SWTOR game night (poll)

    Hey Folks, we're looking to put together a new Game Night for the newly revitalized SWTOR section and we want to hear from you! What days and what times are best for you? When would you like to see us hold Game Nights? Select all the days and time that work for you in the attached Poll!
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    Harvest Private League Interest

    just so aware chief the private league means you can only play with/trade with characters in that private area. but the plan is to help with whatever gear people find but dont plan on using too soon
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    FFXIV 9pm EST Thursday Game Night with Ama~

    Jannick we only have wed game night right now which is today 5 pm pst 8 est
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    Completed: Participation logs for: Game Night

    User name: nomoe Game Night Title: FFXIV Date Hosted Mar 12, 2020 Host Name nomoe Participants Ivory Flame, kaottic, Rick, Selenite, SunKenRock, Ama Comments 1 and a half hour game night. random leveling
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    This or That?

    pc for sure pancakes or french toast?
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    changes to the atlas of worlds

    In the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion we heavily revamped the endgame, adding five new bosses and drastically altering how players explore the Atlas. Today, we'd like to talk about some of the changes that are coming to the Atlas of Worlds in Path of Exile: Delirium. One of the main pieces...
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    FFXIV 9pm EST Thursday Game Night with Ama~

    ill let her for sure answer but id bet it could be any of the 8 man ones. 60,70, or 80
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    Happy New Year 2020!

    im still waiting back in 2019 :P
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    dec 29th ugly avatar competition

    im sorry but its only in the ff14 game.
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    dec 29th ugly avatar competition

    planning on having a ugly avatar contest(ugly sweater). it will be just gear. no need to change race or stuff. post if you would be interested. rewards will be listed soon depending on people
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    Raid sign up

    Now that have 8 confirmed 80s I'm going to be trying to figure out timing etc. So hopefully things should get going soon
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    would any be interested in a blue mage game night

    any interest in people wanting to level blue mage?
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    What happened to discord

    i think they are implementing if your not in a certain section. d3 for example on your discord role you cant see all the channels on that section discord. so yes i believe soon they might implement "secret channels for all sections and people just have to join the role to see them
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    Raid sign up

    whos still thinking about raiding?