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  • Hey NobleLion, thank you for the warm welcomes! ill look for you in TS whenever i am on diablo 5 again!
    Thanks alot man and nice to hear you are coming back to Asia :D and sure whenever you plan to start playing dota 2 just hit me up with pm. I like foruming and Fever kinda feels good :)
    My main aim for is to find a good team and play some ameture dota 2 tournaments :D
    hey there! thanks for welcoming! im a great fan of mobile games, tried summoners war once but decided to stick to another mobile game. yes i wouldnt mind helping u on season 5! hit me up when u need help!
    Stephen King indeed! It's one of my favorite books. I have had a pretty easy time finding groups. I'm running one of the meta classes (ET-Wiz) and am paragon 964, so I don't tend to have problems finding groups. When I'm not in higher grifts, I would love to blast through some things with you. :)
    Sorry, I've been extremely busy. Haven't got a chance to get on D3 yet. Hopefully this weekend. :)
    Thanks for reaching out Noble, and thanks for pointing me in the direction of other forums such as fitness. I'll be sure to peek around some of the other avenues that Fever has to offer. I'll shoot you a msg if i see ya in Sanctuary, would love to hook-up in-game.

    Have a happy new year.
    Stay fit and let your dreams come true ;)
    Let me wish you happy holidays here!
    Hope that your wishes are getting true.
    Hey there,
    congratz on your promotion to CPT!
    Keep up the good work, interesting everytime to read your reports about mobile and fitness themes.

    Greetings Gyorn
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