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  • Jajajja, thank you very much for the welcome and I also love my nickname but only that because I don't really like Nutella, is very rare, I know, that I like the name of a chocolate but not the chocolate xD
    Hey! Thanks for the welcome! :) The weather has been hit or miss in Toronto, its either 20 degrees Celsius, or humid and muggy around 30+ Celsius. I'm sure it is much hotter in Bangkok!

    I am a fan of WoW, but I haven't played it in a few weeks! I play Alliance mainly, but I do play Horde on occasion as well. Yourself?

    Thanks again for the welcome, everyone here has been quite kind! I appreciate the offer for help, I shall take you up on it should I need any. :)
    Hey there, and thank you :) I actually haven't started yet this season so I'd need to be the one being carried lol. I was busy with class when the season started and then just got distracted by Overwatch and Stardew Valley. I should probably start playing for that stash tab though at least. What's a good class this season? I played monk last season and liked that a lot, witch doctor the season before that. Just talking about it is making me crave legendaries now haha.
    Thank you for the warm welcome.

    I've been maining as a Crusader for a few seasons now. It may not be the best at pushing high GRifts but I enjoy the playstyle immensely. I'm only at like paragon 400ish right now as I haven't been playing as much recently. (HotS and Overwatch occupy most of my free time now).

    Unfortunately I won't be playing with you as I'm playing on EU most of the time. If I ever do pop over to the US region I will make sure to hit you up for some farmage!

    I've been poking around on the forums and it's amazing to see the wealth of information and people willing to help with any problem one might have. I think joining Fever may be one of the best things I've done and I intend to stick around for a good while. :)

    Thank you again for the warm welcome.
    - Kusk
    Thanks man, Im trying for the leaderboard this season even though I only started back up with Diablo on tuesday, already at plevel 680 and @ Gr 75 solo, hoping tonight I can get around 75-100 plevels and make 80-82 solo.
    Welcome to the HS area! Feel free to add me I'm always available if you need a helping hand with the game. saberwolf#1196
    Thanks for the welcome. So far my experience has been very positive. I'll keep an eye out for ya.
    My first days have been great! Im loving everything about it, and it is everything I was looking for. Looking forward to meting you in-game :D
    The 318 is for the area code I live in.

    The first few days have been good. I had someone help me lvl up two seasonal classes. This is the first season I made a class. A lot of the people that are on are way more advanced than me. I guess it will take some time before I can play with the big boys.
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