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  • I appreciate the welcome and I've already reached out to a few forums to be a part of a heroes team, and the only mobile game I've been playing is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius sooo I got that going for me which is nice....again I appreciate the welcome. I'm not much a writer but I hope to sometime see you in TS.

    Have a great night!
    Hey and thanks! There arn't much people that play Rainbow Six Siege but its alright. In my opinion, Overwatch is like LoL combined with FPS . Overall its a pretty solid game and I enjoy playing it. The only negative on my opinion are hard push maps like Hanamura or Kings Row. Also, Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch are very very very different in terms of playstyle. I actually don't play Overwatch as much because when I do, I usually get used to it and don't do as good in R6. For Overwatch, I'd say to just pick heroes that can hard counter key heroes on the enemy team like a picking Genji against a Bastian that has good positioning. As for Rainbow Six Siege, you just have to play a lot to know places you can get flanked from, killholes , and have good crosshair placement. For starters, I'd play Bandit. He has a very solid gun (MP7) and the recoil pattern directly picks the crosshair to the head. I also try to figure out the enemy's operator pattern (like if they pick the same operator every round) so I can hard counter them. Like right now, Pulse is very strong so I play IQ to counter his sensor. I forgot to mention to drone out the spots that you're about to breach or rush. Anyways thanks and I'll hope to see you playing Siege in the future!
    Hey! Sorry I just noticed that there's actual conversations you can have on the forums, wasn't trying to ignore you :p

    YEah I could definitley use someone to run some stuff with in S7, I'm kind of on and off with that game sometimes since there's long content droughts, I usually just get my season rewards and then hold off playing for a while. But once 7 is out I will definitely get back into it!
    Its going. People get butt hurt rather quickly there, but it isn't to horrible. Long as you listen your good.
    Hello! I'm just starting out in teamspeak, it takes me awhile to open up and socialize (sad I know :p). Mainly in FFXIV I love to craft and gather, I also play a tank and two healers, and two dd classes(although they are low level, I prefer to tank and heal in almost every mmo I play). My main focus is usually crafting and gathering for all my pals, I like to make them stuff, makes me feel good when they come to me for requests and we sit there and chat while I craft the items for them. It's just a fun little thing. I also play the marketboard a lot. I'm terrible at hearthstone, I play infrequently but I am trying to get packs, it's just my collection is really far behind. I used to like diablo 3, never had anyone to really play it with except for a couple people, both quit playing so maybe I can join you sometime and learn more about diablo, it's a fun game I just don't like flying solo much. Thank you for the greeting! It's awesome to see so many nice folks. I look forward to playing something with you! Have a great day and if I do have any questions I'll make sure that you're on the list of people to ask :p

    Thank you very much.
    Sounds like fun! I'll try to catch you in game/TS Fri night.
    Thanks for the greeting! Hearthstone is awesome and I'm always up for a game if you like.
    Hey Lion,

    I haven't heard if the controller would make it easier or better, but I do enjoy controllers alot better for shooters. What would be the plug?
    Hello! And thank you for the warm welcome =)
    it was just my state of mind was in a bad spot. glad to be back
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