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    Wolcen IGN's

    if you can please post your wolcen igns with number =D going to make a list to make it easy for everyone to add each other [=. archaiclord.6873 Axle.5783 bloodmorphed.9946 darkbattlebun.5778 darkpraetor.0090 fallen.4313 feverkracker.7665 icberg.1817 jivit.1671 kingboyd.7537...
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    Updates: Wolcen patch notes
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    Wolcen release Patch/Date games looking at a possible 6pm cet launch which is like a 11/12 est
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    Borderlands 3 pre-signup!

    epic: nigtxwolf871 na est
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    Approved: Name Change Request by nightxwolf871

    User name: nightxwolf871 What would you like your forum name changed to? NightWolf Were you directed to use this form? No
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    Clan/Guild crafters for WoW Classic

    Ghist ill be playing a hunter so i can go skinning/leatherworking
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    Albion online is free to play now
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    Patch 1.0.4 march 26th
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    Important Info about me =D

    lols yup every time i had to see a new doctor i was like well i just wanna get better n hope u can find the issue doctor.
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    Important Info about me =D

    the thing is its not guaranteed just in my sleep. like my heart can just stop for no reason in front of family or infront of people in public for just walking and yes ive done a year of physical therapy, did 6 months of chiropractor, ive seen legit 20 different doctors all with different...
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    Important Info about me =D

    LateMoon thxs =D n yea same issue happened to me pretty much they coudlnt figure out why i was in so much pain for 2yrs straight n they finally just gave up on me and just discharged me out of the military. so now im just stuck with constant pain .
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    Important Info about me =D

    Hey so figured i just let everyone know a bit about me and whats going on in my life after i got medically discharged out of the Navy and kind of the reason why i had to step away from fever a bit. so the reason i got out of the military is cause mentally i suffer from PTSD & persistent...
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    Anthem Job listing

    Our current and available jobs are listed below if you have any questions contact any of the already marked officers below! nightxwolf871 Anthem Company Commander Vacant - Anthem Recruiter * * * * * * Game Night Hosts Enlisted+ ~ Responsible for hosting events, recording attendance, and...
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    Anthem full road map for ACT1

    Recurring Updates Fixes, improvements, and optimizations. Weekly Alliance Coins. Daily, Monthly, and Weekly Challenges. Prospero Store refresh. February 2019 Outlaw Outrage Freeplay event. There Be Giants Freeplay event. Shaper Surge Freeplay event. March 2019 Focus on evolving world...
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    Anthem Full Release Marathon Event Starting 6pm EST

    Hey freelancers lets have a nice time and group up on Saturday feb. 23, 2019 Start time 6pm est. i hope to see some new faces [= this is your Anthem Xo signing out