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  • Happy birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday :)
    We can help you level up! We now have a guild in that server too and feel free to contact @triplebruin890.
    Mustang, I saw where you have resigned from CO of 1-1-2. I would like to personally thank you for helping me learn the ropes and for taking me in as your XO. You've done a great job organizing 1-1-2, and I hope to continue to do the same and make you proud of the person you passed the torch to.
    happy irl level up day!~
    Where are you!? Hope you are alright and just wondering if everything is okay. Let us know someday, OK!??!!
    I think i can remember you from my old clan, How are you doin mustang
    you do it
    Hey Mustang, sorry had some very serious family issues lately and got a ps4, just family and summer, and priorities aswell. But I am back
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