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  • Hey brother, looks like i'm your right hand man now... just let me know when you will be available on TS to talk and chill for a little bit to get to know each other and hopefully to help me feel more comfortable with assisting you on leading this platoon. Thanks a bunch man, looking forward to hear from you.
    Thanks MorbidLemming for the warm welcome and all the information. Sorry for the late reply. I am still figuring this site out. I will surely read up on all the information it definitely helps out a bunch.

    Thank you very much for you wishes :D
    Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you guys online! Thanks for the invitation!
    Thank you man, you can add me on LoL my Nickname is AlexFiIraen but be aware im from france so EUW it is ^^

    I've been on TS been having lots of fun and plenty of groups.

    My all time fav would prob. have to be LoZ:OoT I think but Windwaker coming in at a close second. All of them have been fantastic to play.
    Good job on recruiting! I gave you a rank up! Keep it up!
    New wards guide posted!!
    Streaming Dota 2! Twitch
    Streaming right now!!
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