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    Title / Job changes

    Removed DEADV0LT Recruiting per Axle Axle Thundernut Violet
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    DEADV0LT 2LT -> SGT (CPL -> SGT subsequent promotions) per CRC overseen by Bot Doc Bot Doc Bogo Thundernut
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    Closed: aTomi's Application to Join

    Returning member - changed name from Way2Fat -> aTomi
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    Closed: WilloW03's Application to Join

    Thank you for applying to FeverClan. We are an 18+ community and are not able to accept your application at this time. Please feel free to hangout on our Discord and chat, exceptions have been made So feel free to mingle :)
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    Town of Salem 'Fever All-Stars Special Event' *Gratz Winners*

    Wouldn't mind seeing 13/13 Fever player game :-) you can sign me up
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    Destiny 2 Staff & Available Jobs

    DESTINY 2 Position Staff Member Company Commander Medic739 Deputy Company Commander Vacant Administrator Vacant Recruiter Medic739 Game Night Host Medic739 AVAILABLE JOBS **For all job applications, PM Medic739 through Discord or on the Forums**...
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    Approved: Gible's Application to Join

    Welcome to FeverClan . If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to msg me or another officer
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    Title / Job changes

    T3hK1tt3h Removed from Applications and Recruitment Awards Council Deputy Head MOTF Officer Per not officer status Bogo Bot Doc OmegaDir Axle Thundernut
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    The Dawning - 2019

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    THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 12/12/2019

    This week at Bungie, a new Season is upon us. Season of Dawn has finally come. Osiris calls upon you to combat the remnants of the Red Legion and prevent them from creating an alternate reality where they are victorious. Guardians are swarming Mercury and the Sundial in an effort to fix time...
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    UPDATE 2.7.0 - 12/10/2019

    COMBAT SYSTEMS Finishers Improved the finisher camera experience when using mouse and keyboard. Finisher Multi-Equip In your inventory press R3(if using controller) or the Shift Key(if using mouse and keyboard) to mark a finisher as a "favorite" When triggered, a random finisher...
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    THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 12/05/2019

    This week at Bungie, we revealed Season of Dawn. There has been a lot to learn. Did you miss any of it? On Tuesday, we released a new trailer to showcase the new stories set into motion by your victories over the Vex. Time is broken on Mercury. It’s up to you to use the Sundial to prevent...
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    THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 11/26/2019

    This week at Bungie, we give thanks. Hello, and welcome to an oddly early TWAB entry. It’s Tuesday, it’s 10 in the morning, and we might have caught you off guard. This Thursday, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving in the states. It’s a day meant for us to reflect what we’re thankful for while...
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    THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 11/21/2019

    This week at Bungie, we’re investing in solar energy. We wrapped up Festival of the Lost this week, but cleaning up the decorations wasn’t the only thing that changed in the Tower. Ikora finished her construction project, closed out all the permits, and Guardians launched an attack on the...
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    THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 11/14/2019

    This week at Bungie, a celebration is coming to a close. We’re entering the final stretch of Festival of the Lost. Eva Levante has been dishing out treats for weeks, but she’s got a final trick up her sleeve. We won’t spoil the fun, though. That’s for you to discover on your own. If you...