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  • im not lucky at all this season, ive spend about 45-50 hours farming goblins in order to get the cosmic wings from princess lillieth. Still havnt gotten the wings though, but hey its a grindy game so i dont mind :p ill request the awards i can now, thanks for reminding me
    Hi. Thank you for the welcome. I decided to go with the sunwuko monk, and so far ive done a 75 solo with about 30 sec to spare. Yeah ive gotten all the new pets and completed the season journey. So this season have been quite good so far. Are you playing on the NA or the EU servers ? Im on the EU my self
    Hello Masirus, I just started Reaper of Souls 3 days ago actually. I think I have hit season 6 with a good running start so far. I am focusing more on hardcore because I found softcore kind of boring but with how many people only play softcore I might make have to get someone a bit more geared for that. For softcore I have a level 70 paragon level 50ish crusader that isn't very geared and then for hardcore I have a 70 monk 120ish paragon level with full Inna's already. I have been slowly testing the waters of GRs on hardcore and cleared a GR30 fairly easily today. Taking it slow so I don't get myself killed.
    For vanity items and pets I have found a few pets my favorite being the cow with the spear. I like references to stuff and that was a pretty good one, I also have a Thunder Fury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, again loving the reference but this time to WoW.
    If you don't play hardcore already but want to give it a shot I could power level you and help you get started. Right now there is about 5 of us with like 3 of us being fairly geared that can help get people going and we are trying to get more people into hardcore.
    Good evening, and thank you for the warm welcome!

    I do play quite a bit of Heroes right now. I've been playing for about 18 months now. My experience with it has been largely positive (I played Dota 2 for about a year before trying Heroes of the Storm), though like every game, and especially every MOBA, it has its qualms. By and large, it's very enjoyable, particularly if you have a group of friends to play with, and the games are much shorter and faster paced than many similar titles.

    I own most of the Heroes. I'm largely free to play, but I have purchased a few skins that I really liked, as well as grabbed a couple of heroes early on when the Nexus Bundle was on sale (it was selling at like 75% off when I first began playing and I had Battle.Net gift cards from a friend over the holidays - was too good to pass up). I typically play Assassins, especially mobile, high-impact heroes (much like what I played in Dota). I personally love playing Illidan, Li Ming, Tracer, Sonya, Artanis, and Falstad. As to the ones I don't care for...I find Malfurion absolutely impossible to play without going into a catatonic state. Horrifically slow and lacking impact in most engagements.

    I might get involved in forming a team, joining in tournaments, etc. My MMR is only about 3.3k, so I'm honestly nowhere near good enough to be competing against real competition, but part of my hope in joining the clan was to get to play with people better than I am and learn from their experience. I play games to improve, so I'm always looking to grow.

    If you decide you'd like to give the game a shot, don't hesitate to look me up. I'm always happy to run through the learning parts of the game - the joys and frustrations of learning a new MOBA are extreme, but they're so rewarding when you get used to it. :)

    Thank you again for your warm welcome. Have a great night!
    Been playing since the Alpha and i've enjoyed it. You can go all F2P on it, especially if you have a friend who gets you his code. You get a free character out of it. Plus, it is easy to save gold for some of the other characters. I usually play Azmodan or Anub'arak if i'm playing.

    Also, thank you for the welcome.
    I went with Archon wiz, so far my season has been going really well. I just wish I could find a group to push higher grifts with so I can get back on the solo leaderboards lol.
    I started Witch Doctor, doing well solo, think GR 70 at moment working on a support build for pushing with a group.. I did manage to get a few pets.. Had a blast running a few low level people through the bounties event.. I have both a zuni build and a helltooth build going.. speed chicken for t10 and bounties...

    Thanks for the comment..
    Thanks for the warm welcome! ^^

    Yes I play hearthstone but rarely at the moment, I used to be a pretty avid player about two years ago. I forgot my highest rank hahaha, but I made it to 11 wins in arena actually. I also played the infamous zoolock a lot, hahaha. Thanks and cheers!
    Hey, sorry for the insanely late reply, thanks for asking. Dota is a hobby for me, i think its pretty fun personally (aside from rage inducing games but those happen from time to time). I used to be a captain for a team, we used to compete in small tournaments, we place high but we never actually got 1st place, eventually we decided it was time to part ways and move on to irl stuff.
    Hi, havent really played a ton of hearthstone. I am mainly playing HOTS/League ATM but Ill be playing it on a later date if I find the time. Thx for the welcome
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