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  • Yeah I made a softcore wizard last night and someone power leveled me. Didn't get to lucky on gear last night.
    Yeah today I decided to make a second hardcore character as a back up but make a crusader. I pretty much have my entire started set which is the Invoker set, I am only missing 1 piece. After that I start grinding to get a separate more advanced set. My monk is pretty set over all for group playing as a Zdps support.
    Yeah I might play some softcore some time soon because of the ability to fully push yourself with no risk. Its a fun idea of being able to constantly test the waters and trying to break forward meanwhile not losing everything if you get a little our of your league once. What are commonly used in softcore? I know hardcore meta for solo is Crusader, Barb, and Wizard and for group play its the 3zdps and 1 dps usually being a Barb, Witch doctor, and Monk zdps with a dps Wizard.
    well if you ever want a third to push with hit me up anytime, for the past few days have been power leveling people that need it and spped run t10 for keys.. always willing to help anyone.. I need to start pushing higher grifts to level gems.. only one achieve left for the stash tab and Ill be happy, missed last season by one before I had to leave season ended before I got back
    My pleasure.

    And, last bit of information: you can actually do your quests against the AI if you choose (any skill level, also, from Beginner to Expert). You can play these AI games with 4 other human players vs the AI or with 4 AI allies against a team of 5 bots. I do this routinely for my quests that I don't feel like grinding out against real people on the ladder. :)


    I have played since early Beta and the Lich King is my favorite tank actually. I bought a couple heroes that I didn't necessarily like, for example, brightwing was nerfed heavily after I bought it. I have paid money for it to get some heroes like Lt. Morales, the Medic. Also u can do F2P on this game, but it takes time collecting the Gold for all the Heroes, but definitely possible. I actually might consider Tournaments, but I don't have anyone to play with so I would sign up for the Events.
    just going to have a play about but this druid looks to be my ideal deck.
    I chose a wizard first and decided to roll a barb been working on gear can't find any groups for greater rifts yet so working on that currently
    Alright mate wicked just started using the Druid deck and im stomping on people with only a level 2 Druid lol think its calling for me. :p
    Ive just requestet 4 out of 5 in season :)
    Hey! Thank you!
    I only just got back into playing again mate had to start a fresh, so im just getting used to the new cards that are in and finding a good warlock deck to role with. (level 64 all in 3-4 days solid playing!) highiest ranking deck is my mage -_- just bumping about with my Warlock until thats maxed then ill move onto my next.

    Do Fever have anybody in Hearthstone that can be a coach just to get me back to speed on things?

    Thanks again buddy!
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