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  • Thank for the gaming section links and the welcome! I will definitely check out the RPG section!
    Thank you for the welcome Luzian! I'll be sure to post on the Introductions and integrate myself further in Fever cx.
    De cual parte eres del Ecuador?
    Thank you for the like :D
    i guess so so hard to keep up time flys by really fast :) and i will for a verry long time man :) just been busy
    hello luzian im am ef wrath i just wanted to welcome you to fever! we are very happy you decided to join us! especially since we ran out of free cookies.

    i see you play dota i have never played it myself is it anygood?

    well if you need anything feel free to msg me!
    I like finding groups to play with.
    Thanks :D Haven't been posting around lately as much as I would like because of school
    Thank you! And honestly, it was just another day for me. A special day, sure. But turning 22 didn't mean anything to me :)
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