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  • Congratulations on the Rank Up.

    "I Don't Always Post Random Shit On Your Visitor Wall - But When I Do It's My Way Of Saying Hi."

    Yeah he seems rather good :D Hehe ^-^
    Hey LtDan, welcome to Fever Clan! SunKenRock beat me to the reference :) Any relation to the character or are you really a Lt and named Dan? How's Overwatch been for you? I haven't tried it yet... HearthStone is more my speed nowadays :)

    Take advantage of the Forum while you are a member here. It's a great perk for all of us, and you'll keep up with clan activity in your favorite games along with helping other members through your posts and replies.

    If you have any questions or need anything, please reach out to me anytime. Happy to try to help in whatever way I can.

    Welcome again LtDan!
    -Noble :)
    With the joining of fever i have something just for you.

    Hello, LtDan. How are you today? My name is Jam, and I would like to welcome you to Fever. I saw on your application that you play Hearthstone! I'm so happy that you joined Fever since I’ve been looking for more people to play Hearthstone with. Do you have a favorite deck? Who is your favorite hero? What do you think of the latest adventure? The decks I use for ranked are C’Thun Priest, C’Thun Warrior, and Evolve Shaman. I usually use my Yogg Mage deck in casual. I am also trying to learn how to play Aggro Shaman and Zoo Warlock. The highest ranked I’ve achieved is 12. I'm still trying to get to at least 5. We should play sometime! If you want to add me, my battletag is glyssa#1811. I hope to see you on teamspeak soon. If you have any questions, feel free to PM on the forums or just send me a message on I would be delighted to help you in anyway I can. Have a fabulous day!
    Welcome, welcome, welcome, LtDan :D Heheh I love your name!!! My name is Angel and I hope you come to love Fever :3

    I see that your main game is Overwatch :D I played during the beta weekends but still haven't been able to get the game yet xP Hehe. What do you like about the game? When I played, I loved that it was a shooting game that had the art style that I love :D Is there a character that you enjoy playing the most? I LOVED playing Mercy. She's so mobile and I really liked resurrecting my teammates. Is there a map that you just can't stand to play on?

    If you ever need anything, please let me know. I'll do what I can to help you ^-^

    Angel out ~
    Greetings LtDan! -

    My name is Requ1em & I noticed that your an Overwatch player! I've been a lover of Blizzard games for many years & it's great to see another addition to the Fever family when it comes to one of the Newest games in town! Allow me to offer you some links on the website that might help you meet some fellow Fever Overwatch Players! What are some current content elements that you enjoy about the game? Do you think it is improving?

    - The Fever Overwatch Forum
    - The Fever Overwatch Playerbase Thread
    - The Fever Overwatch "MUST READ" Thread

    I hope these links help you get settled in and I look forward to getting some games in with you! Once again, Welcome to the community!

    - req
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