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  • Why do you tease me sir
    Happy birthday brother!
    I am doing great man. Now if things would just get better for the family, we'll be rolling.
    Your fired! lol
    Nice to see you on. I hope everything is going well.
    ty for the guide!
    The fevers soon big soon to be daddy t
    Happy birthday T!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birfffday Lil T!!! I misssss you!
    Hey LT, congrats on the good news. The way your wife recorded it was awsome, you've gota keeper. I'm sure you'll make a great dad and are in for a great experience.
    wait,... what???? took me a long time to realize!
    Of course I missed you! How is the happily married man?!
    could always be better you know :) Hope you enjoying yours ;)
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