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  • OMG!!! LittleT!!! <3
    Or just overly agressive seahawks. However, I will admit, watching marshawn lynch (spelling) was incredible. He is an outstanding player and yall are lucky to have him.
    Not at all actually. Im a Chiefs/Cardinals fan. Boyfriend Is a diehard cardinals and I live in Kansas City. I just dont like yall because you kill all the quarterbacks.
    Sorry Little T your team is gonna lose tommorow
    Welcome back!
    welcome bacK!
    Welcome back man! Wifu and miniT gave you time for the computer? ;)
    Welcome Back!
    As long as you're our hero Little T
    And you respond to the call like batman to the batsignal! :D
    What gotcha back man? :"D
    That sounds great!

    I hope you had a great birthday!
    your very welcome mate
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