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  • I finally found your new username! I thought you deactivated your account! :laugh2:
    oh... alright i understand >.<

    Yea, we'll talk on steam :)
    hey man, where are you?
    Well, I hope you feel better. I'm sure your grandmother appreciates the feelings, and that she'd feel better if you weren't too-too upset.
    Oh I am so sorry. Are you okay? Would you like to talk about it, or rather not?

    Will you marry me?
    Dude, kidding. But dude. Holy crap.
    I was part of MangaFox's forums for a LONG time, and I was so active in RPing, though I stopped cause Freshman year of high school was a really busy time.

    Yeah, I'm completely well-versed in how the threads were set up, I was just wondering if there was anything different on how people organized it.

    Well, I'd like to openly state that I really miss those days, and please feel free to let me know of a RP that you'd like me to participate in.

    That really sucks. Are you busy with school/work?
    Hey there, I'm TwitchPhD, a fresh clan recruit.

    I couldn't help but notice a thread you made in the Forum Games called "Feverion - A Story by US!" I couldn't help getting a bit interested in the topic, though I was confused at what the purpose is, or what someone's supposed to even do ;~;

    Do you mind telling me like, it's supposed to be? I mean, I understand that it's all based on interactions and progress by the participator's imagination, but I'd still want to know from the person who made the thread.
    I sent you an email please message me via email, feverclan site is very tedious on my mobile.
    Hi there! Just read your recent blog. I understand how you feel. I'm here (and I'm sure there are others in the clan) who, if you need someone to listen or vent out to, you can. :)
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